Q&A Photographer Anne Earnshaw

What is your practice? materials? processes?

As a Visual Artist Photography has been my main medium since I left University in 2008. I look at the extraordinary in the ordinary using my digital / film SLR Canon camera, no manipulation is used. Presently I am using my mobile phone more as this helps to capture an image when walking with my family and my dog Stanley in my everyday life. This still excites me and iphoneography is a great way to be creative. Come and see which images you think are taken on my mobile phone!!!!

What 5 words best describe your work?

Inspired by Nature, capturing the moment, painterly, atmospheric, thoughtful.

Anne Earnshaw

Do you have any design heroes?

Ansel Adam, Monet / the impressionists

Describe in 10 words a typical day in your studio

Cup of tea, toast, work in retail, mum, home, garden, creative, shapes, patterns, fun.



Are you working on anything unusual at the moment?

I have recently worked on a commission for Springfield Primary School in Sale regarding the new building and I am presently working on a commission for a client who has bought a huge print for her holiday home in Italy.

What are you selling at the Christmas Bazaar? Anything new?

On the day – I will be selling cards and prints that will make fabulous gifts. I take commissions.

New – Christmas cards ( patterns of snow and ice and a white christmas scene of my garden).


Tells something we don’t know

I work in schools ‘The Art of Seeing ‘ programme. Working in primary schools with year 4 and 5’s with their Drawing Skills and each year with the 6th formers at Altrincham school/college of arts. Photography workshops ( how to use your camera in a creative way).


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