Sale Arts Trail chats to Cheryl Law from Sallow Tree Concerts


Tell us about yourself 

My name is Cheryl Law. I am a professional musician who lives in Sale. I’m also passionate about bringing the world of music to the town where I live, and five years ago I set up a professional concert series called Sallow Tree Concerts at the Waterside Arts Centre. Since then I have promoted over 50 concerts, including a popular children’s series called Fiddlesticks, and brought hundreds of professional musicians, from all over the globe, including Australia, Switzerland and Germany, to our town to perform. Sallow Tree Concerts is thriving, and now has a vibrant Friends Group who are actively involved in fundraising and marketing, and we are already planning our 2015-2016 series.

Were you involved in Sale Arts Trail last year? Describe how you were involved. How did you get involved? pictures?

I organised a Chamber Music Jam at the Kings Ransom pub. During the afternoon around 30 musicians performed, including lots of professional classical musicians from the Hallé, BBC Philharmonic and other professional orchestras, but also including a singer from Iran (he was a friend of Omid Asadi – an artist at the SAT) that we met at the Friday night launch event! Some of the string players joined in with his songs, and this spontaneous cross-cultural collaboration felt like an amazing opportunity.

The Chamber Music Jam was great fun, not only for the punters in the pub, who got to sip a pint whilst watching Mozart and Beethoven being performed live, but also for the musicians involved, as we rarely get to perform in an environment such as a pub, which is usually the domain of amplified rock music rather than live classical. It was quirky, and felt like live music is very much alive and appreciated.

Did you attend the preview at Sale Waterside Arts Centre?

Yes it was great fun. I drank too much wine, and felt like I was at a New York gallery rather than in Sale!

What was the best part of the trail?

I simply loved getting a map and walking round the town where I live and unearthing its secrets! I had no idea that there was so much creativity behind the walls! There were people on every street corner clutching maps, talking to each other and discussing the arts. I felt it connected so many people.

One amazing thing happened on the trail though, as a musician I work with, John Purton, who was involved in the Jam came to Sale early to see some of the trail, and found himself in the house his parents had lived in before he was born. The artists owners of the house had bought it from two musicians (his parents) in the Hallé, before John was born, and the remarkable coincidence only came to light when they mentioned this fact!

What was the word on the street from customers about the trail ?

Everyone who came to see the Chamber Music Jam that I spoke to loved it.

What would you like to see at this years trail?

EXACTLY THE SAME! It was perfect.

Give us 5 words to describe the trail

inspiring, local, connecting, classy, encouraging

Thank you Cheryl Law
No thank you – for creating this amazing event!



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