Did you exhibit last years SAT?

Yes and the Christmas event too, they both went amazingly well.

What have you been up to since last years trail?

Busy working on new ranges of cards and framed illustrations.

Fishink Collage 41

Are you working on anything unusual at the moment? Commissions? New

Larger illustrations with foxes and elephants, not necessarily together!

Fishink Collage 44

What will you be selling at SAT16? Anything new?

Everything will be new illustration-wise. Stamps, notebooks and cards from the
established Fishink range.

What venue are you exhibiting at on the trail?

The fabulous Minikin Emporium Venue C.

What would be your superpower and why?

My superpower would to be to be able to turn into a dog when I fancied. I could then run with my dog and have fun bouncing through the long grasses with her when non of her doggy friends are out and about, it looks such fun ! lol

When you aren’t working what do you do?

Watch and read escapist fictional films and books.

Tell us something we don’t know.

I’m a Reiki Master.

Fishink Collage 21  Fishink Collage 29


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