#LifeDrawing classes

Life Drawing Classes
We have found a beautiful space in Sale where we could host Life Drawing Classes however before committing to the space we need to know if there would be an appetite for it.

The outline would be that we would provide a beautiful space with a life model and free refreshments for two hours per week. We would look to attract both professional artists looking to use the facility as well as less experienced artists who might require some tutoring.

To pay for the space, model and tutor the classes would cost £12.50 to turn up when you feel like it or £10 to make a block weekly booking.

We could run the classes on a mid week evening from 7-9 or at the weekend in the morning or afternoon.

If you are interested please comment below or send us a message via email saleartsm33@gmail.com

We would need to know when you would prefer the classes to take place and how regularly you believe you would attend.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Sophie and Jo x


2 thoughts on “#LifeDrawing classes

  1. I think a couple of my friends would too .
    Some people maybe put off with the price . If you have a tutor maybe that would help as you say .
    I did go along to one at the waterside a few years ago but it stopped .


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