Q&A New Graduate ceramicist Grace Igoe

A little bird tells us you a new graduate, where & what did you study?

I completed a BA Honours in Three Dimensional Design at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2017 with a first class degree.

What is your practice? Materials? Processes?

When it comes to expressing my narratives, my passion for design comes through in my ideas with clay. I find clay as a medium limitless and unpredictable at the same time, it  encourages me to push its boundaries in a variety of methods, using techniques such as; hand-forming, texturing, press-moulding and casting, with final applications of coloured slips, body stains and glazes.

 In my current practice I use heads in my work because facial features are a vehicle for expression; the face tells us the most about an individual’s mood, personality and state of mind.

Through this I explore common traits and behaviours, such as difficulty expressing emotion, struggling managing changes and a strong sense of not fitting within self or society. These issues are expressed through ideas of fragmentation, fracturing and dilemmas associated with touch and handling.

We all might recognise some of these characteristics, so although coming from an autistic perspective I aim to challenge perceptions, leading towards a better understanding of the autistic condition translating visually, physically, and emotionally through engagement with my work.

What 5 words best describe your work?

Tactile, Unique, reflective, abstract, Colourful.

What are your plans now you have graduated?

My aim is to be a high end practitioner exhibiting here and abroad

 Do you have any design heroes?

My design heroes are those that still chose to push themselves and fight the system, to pursue their goals or dreams, having experienced any disabling condition.

Where is your studio?

As well as working from home. I am part of Artist in Residence at Manchester College, where I enjoy influencing new upcoming artists, by providing workshops, tutorials and talks, whist sharing their facilities and furthering my practise in ceramics.

Describe in 10 words a typical day in your studio

Morning Coffee, reflect, Research, design, experiment, plan, create, tidy mess.

Are you working on anything unusual at the moment? Commissions? New work? 

I am currently exploring in large scale with white porcelain clay. Towards my new serious of work to be exhibited next year. To see my development and any upcoming exhibitions you can follow me on Instagram: igoedesigns or on my website:

 What will you be selling at YULEDO? Anything new?

I will be showcasing and selling work from my collection ‘Experimentation from it’s Rawest to Design’. A range of unique ceramic heads individually depicting the traits and features from each of my exhibited pieces. From wall-hangings with secret departments, container heads used to store something precious inside. And pocket heads made to be handled by the individual to release stress and anxiety.

 If you won £100 which artists work would you buy at YULE DO?   

That’s a hard one! Would have to say Helen Tiffany’s glass.

 Tell us something we don’t know

I like to reinforce the idea of imperfections, by exaggerating the surface cracks, dripping glazing, using patterns that appear fractured, with deep vibrant colours exploding within the forms. All to create impact to challenge the expectation of what is seen as an imperfection, where it becomes something more engaging and beautiful, to the point where it is no longer an imperfection.



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