Sale Arts Trail chats to Barry Brotherton from Sale Festival


Tell us about yourself 

I have been a Trafford Councillor since 1973 (with interruptions when the electorate decided I needed a rest!). Before that I was on the former Sale Borough Council.
I retired from fulltime work in 1998 but, when I had a proper job, I was a professional electrical engineer.

What is the history of Sale Festival?

Sale Festival was started after the First World War, mainly to raise funds for the Sale & Brooklands Cottage Hospital which was built as a memorial to those who died in the War. In those days the main feature was a large carnival parade through the streets of Sale.
The parade continued to be a major part of the Festival until about 10 years ago. It was stopped because the Festival couldn’t afford the cost of the arrangements to close various roads and also there were fewer firms and organisations able to provide the mobile floats.

How did you get involved in Sale Festival?

I first got involved when I was asked to be the Chair of the Festival in 1993 during one of the periods when I was having an enforced rest form the Council. I did that for about 2 years.
More recently, in 2009 I was asked to take on the role of Publicity Officer and produce the brochure etc. for the Festival.

What’s new at this year’s festival?

There is always an outdoor theatrical event in Walkden Gardens. This year it will be “Mr Stink” form the book by David Walliams.
Although we have had Irish Evenings in the past, in addition this year we are hoping to have a traditional Irish story-teller and also a showing of the film “A Terrible Beauty”.

Were you involved in Sale Arts Trail last year? 

I was only involved as a visitor. I visited all the various venues.

Did you attend the preview at Sale Waterside Arts Centre?


Did you manage to get to the trail weekend?

Yes. I visited most of the venues. I think that I went to all those in private houses.

What was the best part of the trail?

For me the interesting part was discovering just how many artists and crafts people we have living in Sale.

Do you think Sale residents liked the trail?

Yes. I met a lot of residents at the various locations.

What would you like to see at this year’s trail?

Would it be possible to see artists actually working? Potters potting etc?

Thank you to Barry Brotherton

SALE FESTIVAL 6th – 27th June