Q&A Jen Orpin

Welcome back to Sale Arts Trail!


Did you exhibit last years SAT?

Yes! And thanks for having me back this year, I had work in the Bean and Brush Cafe and the Waterside. I had a great weekend.

What have you been up to since last years trail?

I’ve exhibited work at my studio for the Manifest Arts Festival and had an Open Studios weekend in October 2015 and I also had a piece in the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival.
This year I’ve been in a group show at Altrincham college and I had a painting accepted for the Waterside Open. The flower paintings I exhibited in last years trail were featured in their monthly blog by McQueens: Florists, London.

Are you working on anything unusual at the moment? Commissions? New work?

I’ve had five individual pieces commissioned this year so far, two of which have their homes in Sydney, Australia and one that will be making it’s way to Croatia later this summer.
I spent some time in the West Highlands of Scotland earlier this year and was blown away by the beauty and scale of the landscape. Most of the new work is as a direct result of that time.

What will you be selling at SAT16? Anything new?

I’ll be selling a combination of the new landscapes mentioned above and a selection of small works from the past few years.

What venue are you exhibiting at on the trail?

I’ll be exhibiting at The Masonic Hall and Bianco’s Cafe.

What would be your superpower and why?

I’d love to be able to fly. Being able to soar above the clouds and see the world from an entirely new angle would be awesome – not to mention inspiring.

When you aren’t working what do you do?

I day sit a friend’s Boarder Terrier – Bailey, sometimes at the studio. She has a massive character and I’ve totally fallen for her. I like to think of her as my muse!

Tell us something we don’t know

This year Sky TV hired my art equipment to re-create Rolf Harris’s art studio for a documentary called ‘The crimes that shook Britain.’!



Q&A Simon Naish from Hand Drawn House


What is your practice? Materials? Processes?

I am first and foremost a painter. My work has always been heavily influenced by the aesthetics of Pop Art and the Post-Pop generation of painters that followed. I have developed a style which employs flat plains of bright colour to achieve certain formal effects and as such, I prefer to work in acrylic paint which is quick drying and enables me to layer the paint surfaces to a flat finish, often eliminating the evidence of brushwork. Hand Drawn House was set up because of my interest in typography and my desire to create works involving text. In the process of exploring the potential of smaller pieces of ‘word art’, I discovered that vinyl, combined with my painting methods, creates some really exciting and harmonious effects.

What 5 words best describe your work?

Bold, Colourful, Humorous, Precise, Thoughtful.

Do you have any design heroes?

Ensor, Goya, Warhol, Hogarth, Tom Phillips, Velazquez, David Shrigley, Takashi Murakami, Picasso, Jasper Johns.

Where is your studio?

At the bottom of my garden.

unnamed-28  unnamed-29


Describe in 10 words a typical day in your studio

School run, Radio, Drawing, Cutting, Cluttering, Printing, Painting, Singing/Swearing.
Are you working on anything unusual at the moment? Commissions? New work?

I’m currently working on some larger pieces, which will develop some of the techniques and ideas that I’ve been exploring in the smaller works. They will probably see the light of day, early in the new year.
What will you be selling at the Christmas Bazaar? Anything new? Anything christmassy?

Perfect christmas present? The Sale Arts Christmas Bazaar has come at a great time for me. The work I have been doing as part of Hand Drawn House is all relatively new and it’s therefore a great opportunity to get it in front of people and see what resonates and what doesn’t. In this respect, Sale Arts has the exclusive on many extremely limited edition pieces, which I have only done in small numbers and which I’ll be selling at very affordable prices.
Tell us something we don’t know

My new best friend is a machine called a Cricutter. It essentially works like a printer, reading images or text from your computer but instead of printing them, it will reproduce and cut them into a variety of materials, such as paper, card or vinyl. It has revolutionised the way I work, particularly in the design stages. I sometimes think it must be how Johannes Gutenberg felt, when he said, “Hey guys, check this out!”




Christmas Bazaar 2015


We are delighted to announce that Sale Arts Trail will be having a Christmas Bazaar on Saturday 28th November at The Life Centre in Sale.

We have a fantastic line up of exhibitors including some of the Sale Arts Trail regulars plus a few new artists all of which will be revealed this week. As always there will be ceramics, illustration, art, jewellery, knitwear, leather goods and willow weaving.

The Life Centre is a fantastic venue with free parking and Cafe56 will be open all day serving drinks, homemade sandwiches and cakes.

Keep your eyes peeled for our line up, spread the word and most importantly come and christmas shop away from the high street and support local independent business.


Q&A Sandra Robinson


Sandra Robinson

What is your practice? Materials? Processes?

I am a painter working mainly in oils and acrylics, but I also like using pastels, watercolours, charcoal basically anything I can get my hands on.

What 5 words best describe your work?

Abstract Layered Colour Space Expressionist


Do you have any design heroes?

There are many artists that I admire but top of my list would be Cy Twombly, Joan Mitchell, Roger Hilton, Matisse and Beatriz Milhazes.

Where is your studio?

I have a home studio that I share with my husband who fixes electric guitars.


Describe in 10 words a typical day in your studio

Make tea, think, make more tea, paint, think, remove paint!!

Are you working on anything unusual at the moment? Commissions? New work?

I am currently working on a year long project based around my allotment, initially exploring the themes of growth, survival, mapping, transformation and beauty.

Did you exhibit or visit last years SAT?

I didn’t exhibit last year but I did visit and had a thoroughly enjoyable day. I hadn’t realised that there were so many artists living in and around Sale.

What will you be selling at SAT15? Anything new?

All paintings and drawing will be for sale.


What venue are you exhibiting at on the trail?

The Bean and Brush.

Tell us something we don’t know

I studied City and Guilds embroidery parts 1 and 2 which is a four year course. On completion of this I went on to do art foundation with the intention of doing the embroidery degree at MMU but discovered that I preferred paint so I went on to do a fine art degree in painting instead. However embroidery and textiles are still important to me, and are definitely an influencing factor in many of my paintings.


Thank you Sandra!


Q&A from Sarah Driffill



What is your practice? Materials? Processes?

I am a painter creating oil paintings on canvas. My work is impressionistic and I love creating very visible and textured paint strokes through the use of palette knives. I use bold, bright colours to create emotive and energetic scenes of beauty.

What 5 words best describe your work?

Colourful. Vibrant. Impressionist. Emotive. Beauty

Do you have any design heroes?

Leonid Afremov is an artist that I have always been inspired by. His use of colour is incredible and I could sit and look at his paintings all day. He definitely inspired me to start experimenting with a palette knife instead of a paintbrush and I haven’t looked back since.

Where is your studio?

My studio is in my conservatory at the back of my house in Sale. It is a small but bright open space which allows me to look over the garden and have the sun stream in whilst I paint.

studio picture

Describe in 10 words a typical day in your studio

Drawing, ballerinas, photographs, forests, oils, colour, mixing, fun, energetic, messy.



Are you working on anything unusual at the moment? Commissions? New work?

I have recently begun creating a collection of paintings of forested scenes both in colour and black and white. Some being quite abstract in style. I spent a lot of time walking and taking photos of beautiful wooded scenes in winter and spring on various walks around Trafford, Cheshire, Formby and Dorset. I really want to portray my love of nature through my work.

Formby pinewoods

Did you exhibit or visit last years SAT?
This is the first year I will be exhibiting for the Sale Arts Trail.

What will you be selling at SAT15? Anything new?

At the Sale Arts Trail I have tried to create an environment where there is something for everybody. My collection of new oil painted wooden scenes will be available as well as my collection of Ballerina paintings on canvas. There will be a collection of framed and mounted black ink pen sketches of ballerinas’ and also a selection of my work on postcards, all for sale.

What venue are you exhibiting at on the trail?

I am exhibiting at my own studio on Nursery Close in Sale Moor. There will be the opportunity to see my studio setup for painting as well as lots of paintings and framed sketches on display. If the sun is out there will also be work displayed outside.

If you are opening your studio on the trail have you got anyone exhibiting at your studio?

I am fortunate enough to have two very talented exhibitors with me. Jane Mitchell, a textile artist who produces limited edition, handmade and exclusive art including fine silk scarves. Also Karin Sheldon, an artist in precious metals, jeweller and silversmith specialising in exotic techniques.

Tell us something we don’t know
I worked for 8 years in a bespoke Jewellery retail environment learning the value of individuality. Inspired by this service I now also offer a bespoke service of individually commissioned paintings and sketches to customers who would like something unique and personal to them.


Thank you!

Q&A from Jen Orpin


Jen Orpin

What is your practice? Materials? Processes?
I am a painter. Oil on canvas and board.

What 5 words best describe your work?
Romantic. Selective. Composed. Aesthetic. Nostalgic.

Do you have any design heroes?
Many, including: Marlene Dumas, Gerhard Richter, Richard Diebenkorn and Lucien Freud.

Where is your studio?
Rogue Artist Studios. Chapeltown. Street, Manchester


Describe in 10 words a typical day in your studio
Radio, coffee ON! Get sucked into painting time warp – AGAIN.

Are you working on anything unusual at the moment? Commissions? New work?
This year my work has mostly focussed on the disembodied head and the beheaded body – with flowers.


What will you be selling at SAT15? Anything new?
I’ll be exhibiting and selling all new work.

What venue are you exhibiting at on the trail?
Waterside Arts Centre and The Bean & Brush cafe.

Tell us something we don’t know
My work is regularly hired by TV production companies for their set design; most famously, ‘Queer as Folk’ series 1 & 2 and most recently, on all three series of BBC1’s ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ (Caroline’s House).


Thank you Jen!


#SaleArtsTrail at The Royal Exchange Craft Shop

Sale Arts Trail at the Royal Exchange Theatre Craft Shop

Chris Boland 72dp #2-1  2TobyCotterill72dpi

Tuesday 2nd June – Sunday 19th July

Starting next Tuesday at the Royal Exchange Theatre Craft Shop a specially selected group show to promote the upcoming Sale Arts Trail. A fantastic mix of artists using a wide range of materials, giving a real taster of the upcoming second Sale Arts Trail 10th-12th JULY. Watch out for other Sale Arts Trail ‘flagged’ exhibitors dotted round the Craft Shop!


Chris Boland

Ellul Ceramics

fir + wren

Gemma Truman

Ian Chadwick Glass Art

Jane Mitchell Designs

Katherine Lees

Michelle Keeling Glass

Mitch Canvas

Rebecca Lawley Silver

Simon Buckley Photographer

Sophie Nixon

Suzanne Devine

Sylvia Glover Ceramics

Toby Cotterill Jewellery




Whoop! Whoop! Exhibitors list #SaleArtsTrail2015

So here we have it! Finally the exhibitor list for this years trail.

Please click on Exhibitors 2015 for the full listing and watch this space for more news on the open studios and venues involved.

Here is a quick selection to keep you going!

See you at the trail 10th-12th July!

unnamed  2NickyMartins.Sale72dp1-3 ImageGen-1.ashx  35_Suzanne Devine 72dpi